What Are Neurolenses®?

What Are Neurolenses®?

What Are Neurolenses®?

Experts say that there is finally an answer to endless headaches and neck pains. Many people experience these pains that are usually accompanied by eye irritation. The treatments they receive often fail because they are misdiagnosed. Their doctors don’t see that the real root of these pains is binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) or the slight misalignment of your eyes. To correct the symptoms of BVD, eye care providers prescribe Neurolens® glasses. If you want to understand what Neurolenses are, here’s what you should know.

The System

The Neurolens system aims to determine the size of the problem in every patient. When the results come out, your eye care provider will customize Neurolens glasses to reduce or even put an end to your eye issue. The slightest misalignment of your eyes can cause chaos in how you see. You tend to feel dryness and pain because there is an imbalance in your peripheral and central vision. Patients who use Neurolens glasses experience painless, irritation-free eyesight.

The Steps

Neurolenses are prescription lenses that have minute amounts of contoured prism in them. To get these specialized glasses, you should go through a specific measuring system. The Neurolens eye-tracking device measures the degree of misalignment of near and distance vision. The rotating stars and planets you see in the device examine your central and peripheral vision. Your eye care provider can then assess your eye synchronization and alignment.

If you are being evaluated as a Neurolens patient, you should go through these five steps:

  • Answer a lifestyle index questionnaire to see if you are a good candidate.

  • Go through a Neurolens measurement exam if you’re a good candidate.

  • Review and discuss the results with your eye care provider.

  • Place an order of Neurolenses online.

  • Wear Neurolens glasses for a few weeks to see if there is a level of relief.

If patients experience eye pain or dry eye symptoms but their diagnostic findings indicate otherwise, they usually need Neurolens glasses. Experts say that these patients are usually misdiagnosed because their doctors don’t see the possible BVD that contributes to the condition. Contoured prism glasses are the answer to BVD. Some patients take a while to adjust to Neurolens glasses. After a while, their discomfort fades and their visions sharpen.

The Positive Results

Below are some of the positive outcomes you can get from using Neurolens:

  • Reduces eye strain

  • Decreases double vision

  • Enhances coordination

  • Prevents you from skipping lines when you read

  • Allows you to read for longer periods

  • Reduces migraine or headache episodes

  • Decreases your light sensitivity

  • Lowers your level of anxiety

  • Reduces or eliminates motion sickness

  • Improves your depth perception

  • Provides about 50 percent improvement in eyesight and 80 percent decrease in BVD symptoms

With Neurolens, you get a customized prism lens that can address BVD at every distance. The lens slowly increases from distance vision to near vision, relieving your eye strain, headaches, and shoulder or neck pains. We, at Advanced Eyecare Center, assist our patients as they go through an extensive eye exam first. Then, we provide them with the right treatment they need. Please visit our clinics in Perry, Georgia, for a Neurolens consultation  Feel free to contact us by dialing 478-412-4200 for appointment scheduling or inquiries about our Neurolens.

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