Comprehensive Eye Exam in Georgia

Comprehensive Eye Exam in Georgia

comprehensive eye exam

Many of our patients recognize the importance of getting a routine eye exam to check their vision and alert them to any issues with their sight. However, these routine eye exams are often called eye screenings and pale in comparison to a comprehensive eye exam. At Advanced Eyecare Center, we want to make sure that we offer our patients an entire suite of options to make sure that they have the best vision possible, and comprehensive eye exams are just one of the tools we use.

Comprehensive Eye Exams vs. Routine Screenings

A typical routine screening is normally completed on a regular basis and can identify the presence of some of the major eye issues, and look for changes in your prescription. Unfortunately, a routine screening does not cover a very wide range of potential issues, and generally will not identify the causes of any of those issues. In fact, when patients leave those appointments, they usually need to schedule another appointment with a specialist. We have found that this leaves many patients uncomfortable and anxious about any news that they have received.

In contrast, Advanced Eyecare Center can schedule you for a comprehensive exam. These exams perform a variety of tests to identify a broad range of potential issues, and if anything is discovered, we can also investigate the causes of your problems. Once we know the issue and the cause, we can explain all of the potential treatments available and discuss which plan of action is best for you. Instead of walking out of our doors with questions, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interest in mind.

What Comprehensive Exams Cover

When you call Advanced Eyecare Center for your comprehensive eye care exam, we will first take a detailed medical and family history. This information can help us identify if you are at risk for certain diseases or infections and tailor your appointment to investigate any potential issues. Once we have completed your history, you can expect a variety of tests.

Visual Acuity – This test typically involves looking at a chart and reading numbers or letters as they get smaller and smaller. This test helps to identify how sharp your vision is at certain distances. Changes to your vision can signal a variety of potential issues and these tests can help our staff understand the severity.

Refraction – Once your doctor has determined that your vision is not at 20/20, some refraction tests can help to identify the appropriate prescription strength for you. Refraction can be further broken down to these steps:

  • Retinoscopy – This is a hand-held device that shines a light into the eye to measure the reflex and can help identify the appropriate prescription. This option is commonly used for children or nonverbal patients, there are also computerized and automated systems that can perform these types of tests.

  • Autorefractors and Aberrometers – These are the computerized and automated tests to determine refraction and appropriate prescription strength.

Eye Function Tests – These tests are performed by your doctor to determine your eyes’ ability to function properly individually, and to work together.

Eye Health Tests – There are a few final tests that your doctor will perform that will look at the eye to ensure that it is healthy and free of disease. These include:

  • Slit Lamp Test – This is a test that shines a light into the eye and allows your doctor to look at the internal structure of the eye.

  • Tonometry – Tonometry tests the eyes for glaucoma. Glaucoma is increased pressure in the eye that can lead to nerve and vision damage.

  • Pupil Dilation – Dilating your pupils allows your doctor to better see the structures at the back of the eye.


If you have not had a comprehensive eye exam, you should consider calling our staff to see if it would benefit you. At Advanced Eyecare Center in Perry, GA , your vision is our priority (478) 988-4628!

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